Memorial Donations

Details of the funeral and memorial service and symposium can be found here: David J.A. Clines (1938 – 2022)

The family of David J.A. Clines (1938–2022) are receiving memorial donations (via GoFundMe and shortly also via PayPal) to go to the following two funds that are central to David’s academic, social and travelling joys:
– the ‘International Travel Grant’ fund of the Society for Biblical Literature (SBL) to enable scholars from: Africa and Middle East, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean regions to attend.
– the ‘Conference Grants’ fund of the Society of Old Testament Study (SOTS), which allows scholars of limited means to attend meetings in Britain and Ireland.
David was forever wanting to support and esteem scholars from the Majority World or those working independently to get to these meetings and encourage them, of course, to get published too! Any questions about donations, please email